Project Description:

 We’re developing a unique messaging listening platform for the untapped channels of messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line etc.)

 Our proprietary technology tracks and analyzes video and image traffic across messaging app domains using image-processing algorithms and big-data analytics

 As a first step, we’ve successfully developed a video-ads measurement solution, allowing agencies and publishers of native video-ads to improve their offering and increase their revenues

 We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs with strong technical, strategic and financial skills, a proven execution record and success in launching new businesses

We’re proud to be the first company turns the light on messaging

Messaging channels remain untapped

Combined monthly active users of major messaging platforms in March 2016
Overtaking traditional social networks with 4.2B

Number of WhatsApp monthly active users in Jan 2016
Compared with 250M in January 2013

Average number of daily messages sent on WeChat per user in Dec 2016
Compared with 44 a year earlier

And we can take it much further…
Detecting influential network nodes that posses powerful amplification potential by analyzing network traffic
Offering both planning and distribution capabilities to our clients
Providing competitive analytics
Deep video-listening using video speech-recognition techniques
Detecting brands logos within videos
And much more…

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Duration551 days
Last Online : Tel Aviv, Israel