Smart Carpet
Project Description:

About me My name is Alexander Abramov. I am a software engeneer in Technion. I am married and have one small child and another baby on the way.  

I would like to develop a smart carpet that willl allow parents like me to do a House chores without worrying what happened to to the baby that wants to crawl of the mattress. Out technology will recognize that the baby is trying to leave the mattress and send you the alert to your smartphone or any other device connected via Bluetooth. The carpet will also recognize if the baby stooped moving (for example fell a sleep or worse) and tell you about it. 

Why do I need your support?  

This is not a very simple project. It takes a lot of time to develop this kind of product. And I want it to be the best.

We feel that this is a very important product in our life as parents. We can promise after we finish developing the smart carpet everyone who has contributed to the project will receive a very big discount fo receiving the product 

- Is it connected to electricity?
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Last Online : 2017/05/29 Haifa, Israel